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Many people are misinformed about estate planning and probate law. That is unfortunate, because these areas of the law can make a big difference in people's lives. With the help of a knowledgeable estate planning and probate lawyer, you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your property, and provide a legacy for future generations.

At the office of Nancy L. Dlugokenski, PLLC, Attorney at Law, in Clinton Township, Michigan, we help people throughout the Detroit metropolitan area with wills, trusts, estate administration, conservatorship and probate law.

Estate Planning

Many people assume estate planning attorneys work with wills and trusts only for the very wealthy. In fact, all kinds of families can benefit from estate planning — and almost everyone needs one. Protecting your assets and establishing beneficiaries is an important step, and we want to help you make it.

We help people with wills, trusts, living trusts, powers of attorney, medical directives, long-term care planning and other aspects of estate planning. We will meet you wherever you are and create personalized plans that meet your needs. We will not stop until all of your questions are answered, concerns are addressed and goals are achieved.

Conservatorship And Guardianship

Illness, old age or injury can render people unable to make decisions about financial or legal matters, or sometimes their own needs. Sadly, this can leave people vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous people.

We help people take care of vulnerable adults through conservatorship and guardianship. These matters can be scary, but our attorney will work tirelessly to advocate for her clients in whatever they face. We can set up conservatorship for relatives or concerned parties, and our attorney can also serve as a professional guardian and conservator.

Probate And Estate Administration

In Michigan, probate courts oversee many matters, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, conservatorships, deeds and more. However, the term "probate" is often used to refer to the process of settling an estate and transferring its assets to the heirs. This can be a frustrating and difficult process, even in cases where the person left a valid will. We help executors and other types of clients through the many tasks of probate and estate administration, including filing paperwork, meeting deadlines and resolving issues when they arise.

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